MANLEY 26180 Valve springs and retainer kit SUBARU EJ20/EJ25 (.525" max lift)

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Valve Springs

Manley Performance valve springs are specifically designed to withstand the rigors of today's aftermarket Sport Compact camshafts and properly control the valve train in these high revving Sport Compact engine applications. This means utilizing only the best, super clean chrome silicon high tensile strength steel alloy and performing classified heat treatment and shot peen processing to insure the ultimate fatigue life and limit load loss.

Titanium Retainers

Manley titanium retainers are manufactured in the very best dual spindle CNC machines to exacting tolerances rendering a superior jewel-like finish. We use rugged and certified, heat treated aerospace grade titanium bar stock.

Retainer angles are held to within 6' (minutes) (this is a tenth of a degree) and installed heights are held to within .005"!

Titanium retainers are a must for your high RPM Sport Compact engine. Their lighter mass allows the tuner to turn higher engine speeds and still avoid dangerous valve float; without sacrificing reliability.

Valve Locks

Look no further for the absolute premium valve locks in the Sport Compact industry. Manufactured from premium quality heat treated steel and machined to exacting tolerances, Manley locks fit the valve and retainer the way they are supposed to fit! Why use stamped, stock locks with your new aftermarket valves, springs, and retainers when you can use Manley Performance locks? Ours are simply superior in material


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