DODSON DMS-5109 EXTREME DUTY 1ST GEAR KIT ( packed with 3 circlips ) NISSAN GT-R (R35ED1GK2)

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AED 8,452.00

Dodson Motorsport Extreme Duty 1st gear kit, For upgrading the First gear and input shaft in your GR6 transmission. Kit includes Dodson 1st Gear, Dodson Input Shaft with Sleeve Bearing, Shaft Plug and Mechanical Circlip, Kit includes Gear lock, 2/4/6 thrust bearing circlip and a Dodson Mechanical Circlip 2.0mm. Dodson 1st Gear Kit retains a smooth feel and holds a quiet in cabin shift sound.

  • 1x 1st gear shaft and mated gear
  • 1x DMS lock nut
  • 1x shaft bearing
  • 1x R35 GL FWD Gear Lock
  • 1x R35 MC 2 output shaft circlip
  • 1x R35 MC 1-2mm input shaft circlip


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