HKS 21004-AN019 Stroker Kit 4.3L NISSAN R35 GTR VR38DETT(stroke 99mm)

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AED 79,875.00
HKS has redesigned VR38DETT 4.1L Kit to upgrade it to 4.3L Kit.  
This kit is available from street use to circuit use.
The following is the main redesigned features:
1) Higher Torque - Allowable Torque: 150kgm
2) Low Vibration - Equivalent Level to the Stock            
3) Longer Stroke - Stroke:  99mm(the world's longest level)
POINT 1. Piston Kit
The billet-pistons have the ideal piston shape .
The special truss shape enhances the durability and makes ultra-lightweight pistons. 
A squish area allows high rate combustion. 
POINT 2. Connecting Rod
The connecting rods were designed specifically for this kit.
Engine modification is minimized.
POINT 3. Crankshaft Stroke - 99.0mm
9.0mm stroke without bore size change is incomparable.
Billet crankshaft.
The vibration generated from V6 engine is reduced to  the degree to be not annoying by precise balance adjustment.(The included parts must be used together.)
The structure was designed to reduce a load to the metals so it can withstand the increased load to the main metal due to higher torque.
High efficiency heavy metal made balance weight reduces the weight and achieves high engine response.
POINT 4. Compatible with Stock Bore Size - 95.5mm
The bore size is the same as the stock size to maintain the engine block rigidity and the ideal heat conduction for the optimal engine performance.  
Modification of liner is not necessary so the cost related to this liner modification can be saved.
POINT 5.  Special Oil Jet
A special oil jet to cool down the pistons to the optimum level is newly designed
  HKS 4.3L Kit Stock
Bore 95.5mm 95.5mm
Stroke 99.0mm 88.4mm
Comp. ratio(t=0.8) 8,6 9,0
Tolerate RPM 7400rpm 7000rpm
Displacement 4255ml 3799ml
Product Engine Displacement Type Boring/
Full flow Code No.
VR38DETT 4.3L Kit VR38DETT 4 255 φ95.5-φ23 Not Required Not Required 21004-AN019
Billet Piston Kit VR38DETT - φ95.5-φ23 Not Required Not Required 21003-AN011
Billet Crankshaft VR38DETT -   - - 23006-AN007
H-beam Con'rod STEP3 VR38DETT - φ23 Pin   Not Required 23004-AN006

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